Who we are

FENCI Consulting is a management-consultancy and business advisory firm positioned to serve private, public and/or not-for-profit organisations. 

The firm was founded by Dr. Roberta Fenech Gauci, a commercial lawyer, and Kevin-James Fenech, a management-consultant, in 2008. The company has grown into being one of Malta's foremost botique consultancy firms serving some of Malta's best known brands including the most valuable company on the MSE.  

Kevin-James Fenech


Kevin-James is a well known Strategist, business advisor and recruitment specialist. He has over twenty years corporate management experience having working with some of the biggest or most succesful companies across a wide spectrum of industries. He also holds an MBA with Distinction from one of the UK's top business schools; Ashridge now Hult International Business School. His specialisation is in Strategic Human Resource Management, Recruitment, Branding, Strategy, Strategic CR, Business Model Innovation and Organisational Re-Structuring. 

Dr. Roberta Fenech Gauci

Director Consultant

Roberta is a commercial lawyer with ten years+ legal experience and a specialisation in tax, trusts, financial services and commercial law. She graduated from the University of Malta with a Doctor of Laws in 1997, has a Masters Degree in Financial Services (1997-1999), a Certificate in Trust Law and Administration (2004) and a Certificate in Tax on Maltese Trusts (2007). She holds various public posts in addition to her legal practice. 

Kevin-James Fenech Dr. Roberta Fenech Gauci

Press & Media

  • Starting a new job

    First rule: start before you start. Research your new employer as much as you can (get to know the unofficial as much as the official); 

  • Strategy, Structure and Systems

    A business needs to constantly re-evaluate and tweak (sometimes even revolutionise) how departments are structured, how people are organised and how systems are aligned. 

  • Talent Wars

    Good talent is hard to find and great talent is even scarcer. The problem doesn't end there: companies need to work extra hard to retain their best talent. 

  • How Strategy can help your business

    The days of detailed and elaborate Strategic Planning are over. In fact, some would argue that Strategy and Planning are a misnomer anyway. 

  • Digital Addiction

    People today, apparently, suffer from: FOMO (fear of missing out), FOBO (fear of being offline) and nomo-phobia (fear of being out of mobile contact). 

  • Career Setbacks

    In today’s day and age, it is becoming increasing ‘normal’ for all managers, even the high fliers, to suffer a career setback. Only the very lucky or the extremely well connected escape this harsh ... 

  • Delegate or Relegate

    It literally is impossible, when in a senior management position, to do everything yourself. You either delegate the task or you effectively relegate it. 

  • Business Bias

    Decisions in business are inevitably loaded with bias. By ‘business bias’ I mean that managers tend to be prejudiced in favour or against one thing usually in a way considered to be unfair or...