What We've Done

What We've Done

Due to confidentially and non-disclosure restrictions we are not at liberty to reveal the identity of our clients. The below is just a varied sample and non-exhaustive list of the projects we have recently worked on:

Government of Malta

FENCI was engaged to research and write a detailed business plan for a government authority in charge of a €25m national project. The project will be one of a kind in Malta and if successfully launched a landmark site. FENCI is proud to have been engaged as the management-consultants for such a project at the business planning stage.

National Airport

FENCI offers its advice on an ongoing basis to the airport’s top management about matters concerning business strategy, business model innovation, strategic CR, marketing & brand development, recruitment, change management, quality management systems, business process design or re-design, organizational structure (or re-structuring), business development, service system excellence and general business advice. 

Manufacturing Industry

We advised for over four years a well known family (manufacturing) business, helping it grow from 60+ workforce with a turnover of just over €1m to a fully fledged market leader employing 150+ employees and with a turnover of several million Euro. Our input was mainly management consultancy which was delivered on a weekly basis via attendance of management meetings and centred upon business process design / re-design, the setting-up and building of a management structure & management system, strategic HRM including recruitment, re-branding, financing including cash flow management, relations with bank(s) and strategy.

IT Industry

We have advised a small, market-leading business, which specialises in web site design, development and applications. FENCI has helped the directors of this company craft an appropriate differentiated strategy, develop a new brand identity, pricing strategy and re-innovate its business model.

Real Estate Industry 

FENCI offers its expert advice on a semi-regular basis to one of Malta’s leading Real Estate Agency. Our consultancy has focused on improving the service system and customer experience, recruitment consultancy, branding (including the conceptualisation of a new slogan) and general ad hoc management consultancy.

Automobile Industry

We advise one of the leading luxury car retailers in Malta. We have since 2009 advised them on branding (including the launch of a new slogan), growth strategy and general business advice.


We have helped various start-up businesses to structure and develop their raw ideas and develop a business plan for their first years of operation. Start-ups are always fun since the entrepreneurs always have a lot of energy, creativity and dynamism but our input is always to keep them focused on the fundamental issues so as to ensure success in the initial embryonic years. 

Mergers & Acquisitions

We have advised a prominent family business on the feasibility of acquiring and/or merging with a couple of well-known businesses in the local market. FENCI was in 2010/11 asked to conduct a business valuation and perform an investment appraisal using financial tools assess the viability of the opportunity and in addition offer strategic advice.

Pro-bono Work

We offer our professional services on a regular basis to one of the largest and most successful charitable foundations in Malta. Our first project being: the planning for the launch of the first ever, social enterprise business in Malta.

We also offer our professional services to one of the most successful and established water polo clubs in Malta. We are helping this club achieve its goals, deliver on its mission and develop a relevant branding strategy.


We advised pre-launch, a start-up, which claims to be Malta’s very own and first price comparison web site. Our involvement was strategic and operational. We also advised on brand positioning and equity financing. This was a 12 month engagement which we thoroughly enjoyed.

Fashion Retail

We’ve offered general business and management advice to the directors of one of the largest and most established fashion retailers in Malta including the preparation of a Business Proposal for an industry-related strategic partner amongst many other ad hoc strategic advisory services.


We have helped one of the leading local business magazines re-think its product; this involved a change of layout, features and innovative 'brain fodder' for their business readers. We also handled for them (2012) the interviewing of a prominent business leader / manager (under the banner 'My Best Decision...My Worst Decision') every month, we contributed to a regular monthly column and acted as the magazine's business advisors.

Pharmaceutical Wholesaler & Distributor

We are advising a forty-year old company implement a succession plan from the first generation to the second generation. Our business advisory input has covered amongst other things: business process re-design, business re-structuring, SHRM, corporate re-branding, business model innovation and general business / management advice through our monthly management meetings.

 Luxury Yachts Distributor

We have helped this company conceptualise and implement a re-branding exercise. The brand message and brand image of the company were updated to suit current needs and maximum use was made of modern branding tools to achieve this. This was a small project but one which we thoroughly enjoyed.

Last updated: 2014 

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