Recruitment Consultancy

FENCI is a fully licensed Employment Agency (E.A. No. 79-2009) as per Employment Agencies Regulations (1995). We tend to specialise in executive recruitment; helping organisations’ attract the best talent to their management team.

We place classified ads obo our clients, organise and manage the recruitment process meaning processing of applications, shortlisting of candidates for first interviews, interviewing of candidates, shortlisting for second interview and advice on selection.

We also can help you formulate employment contracts and determine relevant performance metrics for new recruits.

Conversely, we can advise top executives or aspiring top executives to win that top job which they aspire to get. We can coach executives, help craft a winning CV and/or provide interview tips. 

Press & Media

  • Strategy, Structure and Systems

    A business needs to constantly re-evaluate and tweak (sometimes even revolutionise) how departments are structured, how people are organised and how systems are aligned. 

  • Talent Wars

    Good talent is hard to find and great talent is even scarcer. The problem doesn't end there: companies need to work extra hard to retain their best talent. 

  • How Strategy can help your business

    The days of detailed and elaborate Strategic Planning are over. In fact, some would argue that Strategy and Planning are a misnomer anyway. 

  • Digital Addiction

    People today, apparently, suffer from: FOMO (fear of missing out), FOBO (fear of being offline) and nomo-phobia (fear of being out of mobile contact). 

  • Career Setbacks

    In today’s day and age, it is becoming increasing ‘normal’ for all managers, even the high fliers, to suffer a career setback. Only the very lucky or the extremely well connected escape this harsh ... 

  • Delegate or Relegate

    It literally is impossible, when in a senior management position, to do everything yourself. You either delegate the task or you effectively relegate it. 

  • Business Bias

    Decisions in business are inevitably loaded with bias. By ‘business bias’ I mean that managers tend to be prejudiced in favour or against one thing usually in a way considered to be unfair or... 

  • The Organisation

    I cringe with embarrassment as I watch Sepp Blatter declare to the rest of world that he wants to clean things up at FIFA, as if he wasn’t the organisation’s president for the past 18-odd years.