Career Opportunity: Finance (Senior Management Position)


Career Opportunity 

On behalf of one of our leading clients we are looking for: Head of Financial Control, Risk & Compliance 

Key Responsibilities include: 

  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements including management accounts, interim statutory accounts and annual corporate tax computation; 

  • Budgeting and forecasting; 

  • Cost Management (CAPEX and OPEX); 

  • Ensure that there are financial control policies and processes, as well as preventive measures, in place to track, manage and report on the company's financial resources and transactions; 

  • Reporting and compliance (MSE, IFRS, MFSA External Auditors); 

  • Ensure that there is an appropriate Governance structure in place; implement, enforce and periodically revise internal governance policies; periodically assess and report about the robustness and appropriateness of the company's governance structure;  

  • Risk Management function including chairing the Risk Management Committee; implement the company's risk management policy; maintain / update the risk register; perform risk assessments and evaluations; responsible for risk control & mitigation measures; reporting; and increasing internal awareness about the importance of risk management;

  • Work constructively with company's appointed internal auditors; optimise and follow-up on recommendations made by internal auditors; communicate to/with the internal auditors and/or management on such matters; 

  • Data Protection including the responsibility that data is processed fairly, lawfully and in line with good practice; that personal data is collected / stored only for specific and explicit purposes; once data is collected it is not used for purposes incompatible with the original reason why it was collected; that personal data is always correct and up-to-date; that all reasonable measures are taken to complete, correct, block or erase data which is incomplete or incorrect; that personal data is never kept for a longer time than is necessary. 

If interested please contact Kevin-James Fenech (Director Consultant) on: or 99420314