Business Audit

The Business Audit is our number one product. It is unique and unrivalled, at least in Malta, but a very powerful way of assessing the health of your business. Much in the same way that people have regular check-ups so as to assess their health and by doing so one can discover health problems at an early stage, when your chances for treatment and cure are better; the Business Audit tries to do the same. 

What is a business audit exactly? Without revealing too much to our competitors, it involves a close look at the internal workings of your business at a particular moment in time. We look at your strategy, structure, business process, financials, resources, structure, culture & behaviours, etc.

The Audit will reveal amongst many other things: if the key business components are aligned to the company’s strategy; if management is in sync with front line staff and operations; if systems and processes are suitable; if finances are being well management and if suitable for the company’s activity; if the company’s customers and employees are looked after and at the centre of your business; if management and employees know or understand the company’s strategy; etc. The audit will also reveal what strengths you can build on and weaknesses you need to reduce or eliminate.

The first audit is always a fresh wake-up. The managers and employees who deal with the day-to-day of the business don’t have time to stop and think about the business the way we do. Our outside-in look at your business is normally an eye opener. This having been said, subsequent audits (normally held annually) allow the Directors’ to monitor improvements or regression, whatever the case may be, and act accordingly. So the audit is also a means to achieving constant improvement. 

Please remember: the Business Audit is performed by external and independent experts, untainted or uninfluenced by staff and employees. Our loyalty and reporting is to the company and that is why it is valuable. 

Press & Media

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