CSR Audit

It is becoming increasingly popular for companies to issue CSR reports; much in the same way that a company issues a financial report or an annual report with financial statements.

For any company report to be creditable it must be independently audited so as to ensure that information submitted in the report is a true and fair representation of the material facts.

At FENCI we audit CSR Reports. We offer this auditing service in accordance to internationally accepted reporting frameworks.

Why don't you get in the habit of having a CSR Audit performed annually or bi-annually? When auditing we don’t just investigate, verify and report but we can also offer on the spot CSR consultancy.

The truth is that CSR is a new business practice and some companies don’t yet realise that their CSR policy can (should) be linked to their Strategy so as to be mutually beneficial to all stakeholders including the company’s shareholders. We encourage companies to adopt the Shared Value (Porter: 2011) approach to CSR and help companies’ structure their report accordingly.

We, therefore, either help companies’ structure / write their CSR Report and/or we audit their CSR Report. We are probably one of the first companies in Malta to offer such service.

Invest in your CSR Report since it could be the answer to sustainable competitive advantage.

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