General Business & Management Advice

This, probably, is what we do best. Our advice can range from: employment issues, strategy, negotiating with your bank a new or revised bank facility, to securing an international franchise, to project-managing special projects, to speaking with management / directors, to protecting or representing shareholder(s) interests with the directors of the company, to acting as a non-executive director and sitting in on meetings, etc.

We tend to build a trusting and intimate relationship with our clients over the long term. We advise at board or top management level, whichever is applicable, offering our independent advice and applying our expertise; always looking from the outside in so our input is pure and fresh.

We tend to offer this service, as trusted business advisors, on a retainer arrangement which always is great value for money since our clients get it all for a pre-agreed, capped, fee.

If interested please contact us for an initial meeting. Naturally, we only accept a finite number of monthly retainer arrangements- and this we do so as to maintain service quality- but if we can serve you and a long-term relationship makes sense for both parties, we will gladly accept to be your trusted business advisors. This is not to say that we don’t accept one off jobs but our preference always is for a long-term relationship.

If interested about this please read this article:

Press & Media

  • Starting a new job

    First rule: start before you start. Research your new employer as much as you can (get to know the unofficial as much as the official); 

  • Strategy, Structure and Systems

    A business needs to constantly re-evaluate and tweak (sometimes even revolutionise) how departments are structured, how people are organised and how systems are aligned. 

  • Talent Wars

    Good talent is hard to find and great talent is even scarcer. The problem doesn't end there: companies need to work extra hard to retain their best talent. 

  • How Strategy can help your business

    The days of detailed and elaborate Strategic Planning are over. In fact, some would argue that Strategy and Planning are a misnomer anyway. 

  • Digital Addiction

    People today, apparently, suffer from: FOMO (fear of missing out), FOBO (fear of being offline) and nomo-phobia (fear of being out of mobile contact). 

  • Career Setbacks

    In today’s day and age, it is becoming increasing ‘normal’ for all managers, even the high fliers, to suffer a career setback. Only the very lucky or the extremely well connected escape this harsh ... 

  • Delegate or Relegate

    It literally is impossible, when in a senior management position, to do everything yourself. You either delegate the task or you effectively relegate it. 

  • Business Bias

    Decisions in business are inevitably loaded with bias. By ‘business bias’ I mean that managers tend to be prejudiced in favour or against one thing usually in a way considered to be unfair or...